Denver Startup Week(end) Kills it

Kick-off Luncheon

Denver Startup Week was a truly remarkable event.  Right out of the gate anyone attending the Kick-off Luncheon knew this week was going to be something special.

For those of us coming fresh out of another amazing event, Denver Startup Weekend 4, the luncheon picked up right where the weekend left off: creating positive energy from the fast growing entrepreneurial community here in Denver.

For those of you that don’t know, Startup Weekend is a 3 day/54 hour startup creation challenge.  On Friday anyone is welcome to pitch an idea or problem.  Ideas are voted on and teams form around them. The teams spend the remainder of the weekend creating business models, designing and developing product prototypes and seeking market validation.  On Sunday each team presents to a panel of local entrepreneurs (serving as judges) and a winner is selected.  H2Lo, our team, was proud to be this year’s winner.

For teams coming out of the weekend Denver Startup Week was a continuation of the positive interactions we had experienced all weekend long: bouncing ideas off of one another, asking each other for help, and getting to know each other better.  Throughout the week we continued to build upon our networks and create a stronger entrepreneurial community for the future.

H2Lo did, however, get a few perks as the winner that will definitely raise the stakes for winning next year. We were given great opportunities to pitch our concept and team in a variety of formats and venues, including Plugin Impact, Interview with Techstars, and TechCocktail.  At each one of these events we received invaluable feedback at such an early stage of product development and we made a lot of great connections.  We really couldn’t ask for a better prize!

Denver Startup Week posted this quote by Mark Twain right before the week started:

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

I love this quote and Denver Startup Week exemplified it, especially the later half, throughout the week.  I hope everyone that took part in this event felt the same way.

Our team is moving forward and is very excited about the future.  We promise to use the advice, guidance and connections we’ve made over the past week to build our company and make Denver proud.  We want prove that startups can be created and launched upon a good foundation using Denver Startup Weekend and Week as their springboard.

I can’t say enough about how awesome this past week and previous weekend were!  Thanks to everyone that made it happen!  We look forward to staying in touch with everyone and keeping you posted on our progress.


Finally, check out the presentations from Denver Startup Weekend here:

And, see photos from throughout the week at the Denver Startup Week BirdBox nest: