Denver Startup Week(end) Kills it

Denver Startup Week was a truly remarkable event.  Right out of the gate anyone attending the Kick-off Luncheon knew this week was going to be something special. For those of us coming fresh out… Continue reading

The gap between enterprise and the entrepreneur

Last week Business Insider published a summarized interview with VC Jim Goetz.  At the heart of the interview – fairly obvious given the title of the article – was the fact that a shockingly… Continue reading

An Agile Construction Project

Can an Agile approach be taken to construction Management?  Maybe, but what would it look like? As a quick background, I spent 3 years in the commercial construction industry on the project management… Continue reading

A Quick Update

It has been almost a year since I posted iPhone and Android: Modular to Interdependent and Back to Modular Again and I thought I’d share a quick update.  I was reading the October… Continue reading

The most profitable components in the wind turbine

A few months ago a friend and I were discussing some investment opportunities.  He mentioned that he was considering investing in a company that produces blades for wind turbines.  I had read several… Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

iPhone and Android: Modular to Interdependent and Back to Modular Again

The first presentation given, on mobile devices, at Ignite Boulder last evening got me thinking about a document I wrote on this subject a while back. It was based on Clayton Christensen’s theories… Continue reading